Project Management made simple.

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Cloud based, accessible globally

and much much more..

Responsive real time reporting

Powerful project management software that delivers innovative, tangible and proven results

Focus is everything

Time is precious, manage it

Collaborate effectively. Reduce delivery time for projects, decrease time to market.

Control costs effectively

Estimate, forecast, track and reconcile. Manage your project costs with ease.

Get serious about risk

Gain an enterprise wide view of risk and keep everyone on the same page.


Powerful, simple, effective

Project Symphony is unique. Developed by a team of experienced and successful project management professionals, this elegant and intelligent software is the answer to troubled project delivery.

Featuring highly valuable and relevant functionality, Project Symphony substantially improves project visibility, accountability, efficiency, knowledge retention and control.

Backed by best of class consultancy

ThePMO Group’s team of project management experts will guide and assist you in aligning Project Symphony with the specific requirements of your project delivery environment.

Draw on our insights and experience to successfully navigate common implementation and organisational change pitfalls, and in doing so, ensure your project delivery capability realises its full potential.




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