About Us

ThePMO Group draws together a team of highly experienced strategic management consultants with extensive expertise in strategy, structure and optimisation of portfolio, program and project management.

Each member of our team is passionate about empowering organisations by enhancing their project delivery capability. In doing so, we help organisations to gain a stronger financial, cultural and strategic return on each project they undertake.

Over the years, we’ve been pivotal in the successful delivery of numerous projects – advising on strategy, structure and optimisation of these highly complex undertakings. Our experience spans a variety of sectors, notably IT, government, healthcare, finance and mining.

We draw on this experience in our consulting work, helping organisations to define and develop strategies and initiatives that align effectively with their broader business objectives. We also advise on project management structures to optimise the delivery environment in a manner that will deliver maximum value to the organisation.

In consulting to many organisations, we realised there was a gap in the market for a reliable tool that would create improvements in project management transparency, accountability and control for all involved – from project managers, to PMOs and senior executives.

This led us to collaborate with experts in technology design to come up with Project Symphony – a powerful project management tool that gets everyone on the same page and keeps them there.

We’d be pleased to help your organisation get maximum value from each project you undertake.

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Our Values

  • Committed - We commit to helping you achieve your desired business improvement outcome, & do this by offering high quality services & products.
  • Ethical - We are ethically driven & strive to forge lifelong business relationships. We are trustworthy & transparent in all aspects of our work.
  • Innovative - We incorporate the latest advances in technology & processes to give you the best possible outcome.

Our Team


Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Chief Operations Officer & Strategist


Chief Financial Officer & Founder


Chief Technology Officer

Our Process

We will listen.

We will take the time to talk through what you need, make sure we understand your expectations & we will walk you through the process of bedding in organisational change, based on your appetite and challenges.

We will structure.

We will assist you in understanding what you do well, and where optimisation could be achieved. We will support you in the development of an implementation plan that takes into account your unique organisational profile, culture and requirements, factoring in your individual appetite and challenges.

We will help you.

We will help you develop a positive environment for the delivery of complex programs and projects that ensures your organisational strategic needs are met, and the benefits realised through positive change.

We will support you.

Once your up and running, we will ensure that you keep overtaking your competitors by refining your processes and delivery mechanisms to achieve optimal outcomes.