Today's organisations are fast paced, dynamic and global. To deliver projects successfully under pressure you need a tool to match today's often frenetic pace.

What is required is a solution that demands compliance, yet is intuitive. A solution that is comprehensive, yet simple to use. A solution that is powerful, yet elegant.

Finally that solution is here, and that solution is Project Symphony


Powerful project tracking

Project Symphony outpaces its competitors in knowing what metrics to track, and how to track and present them effectively.

Featuring wide ranging functionality, Project Symphony ensures you’re in good shape to deliver even the most challenging projects first time, every time.

Hosted models

You have the option to host within your own environment, or we can host it for you on our secure Tier 3 cloud servers

Either way your team can access Project Symphony via multiple browsers, user devices and platforms, anywhere, anytime.


Project Symphony is an exclusive project management tool that improves project visibility, accountability, efficiency, knowledge retention and control. Its functionality has been designed to align perfectly with the metrics that need to be tracked in order to deliver on project objectives. Features can be customised to match the requirements of your organisation and its project environment.
These features include:

Strategy Module

Aligning project delivery to strategy should be a core objective for any organisation. Project Symphony walks you through the process in easy to understand terms, keeping the project in sync with your broader organisational objectives.

Financial Tracking

Tracking expenditure is fast and simple with Project Symphony. Budgets can be locked in, and financial dashboards, estimation tools, PO tracking and financial reports strengthen financial performance, visibility and control.

Risk Management

Risks that are not detected or managed effectively can derail the success of your project. Project Symphony’s best of class workflows ensure your organisation’s stakeholders are aware of potential risks and take control of them.

Issue Management

Track and escalate issues directly to your team using Symphony's Outlook integration feature. Simply assign an issue to the relevant person, and they will be notified instantly.


We will map your organisational framework and add to the PMBoK and PRINCE2 frameworks already included. Simply create a project, select your desired framework and rest easy in the knowledge that your project has the appropriate level of governance applied from the start.

Deliverables Management

Deliverables. That’s what project management is all about, right? With Project Symphony, simply populate your governance framework with your project specific deliverables, and your team can get to work bringing them to life.

Change Management

Change is good, unless it’s unmanaged – and then it’s a project killer. Track and approve your changes through our easy to use, industry-aligned change module.

Integrated Minutes

Minute taking can be a real pain. However – now with Project Symphony – you can enter your minutes directly, update your registers automatically and send out a beautifully formatted PDF to your stakeholders in seconds, not hours.

My Workload

Project Symphony collates all your pressing tasks in one place. This keeps the guesswork at bay and ensures you’re focused on the critical path.

Real Time Dashboards & Reporting

Dashboards are updated in real time giving you meaningful project data at all times. Real time reports can be generated at the touch of a button and sent directly to your stakeholders or project team directly.


Portfolio through to Project

All features aggregate to portfolio level, giving you the visibility you need to manage projects with confidence.

User Configurable

User configuration allows a personalised experience, making for happy, productive and engaged users.

Administration Functions

Administration features allow you to manage your own environment, keeping support costs down.

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